Bite-Sized Scripture Memorization Card Set


Write the Word of God on your heart with these “bite-sized” Scriptures featured on our beautifully designed Scripture cards plus our new engraved wooden card holders! 

This set is inspired by “walking through the flower garden”.

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There are so many incredible “bite-sized” Scriptures that are quick and easy to memorize! But don’t let their size fool you!  Even though they are tiny, they are MIGHTY! This card set features 10 powerful “bite-sized” Scriptures to write on your heart!  They are also perfect for helping your kiddos write God’s Word on their hearts too!

Our card set also comes with a beautifully engraved wooden card stand so that you can have the Word of God on display in your home!  And once you and your family have memorized one Scripture, you can pull out a new one and reference memorized cards to practice!

Our 3″ x 3″ cards display the full Scripture on the front, and our special memorizing tool on the back. (The first letter of every word!  So easy and effective!)

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